Pre-book your journey and receive these great benefits!

Service Benefits
2nd Visit Guest – $20 off your haircut / $20 off your hair colour
3rd Visit Guest – $10 off your haircut / $10 off your hair colour
Established Guest – Pre-booking benefits will vary by stylist level

  • Service benefits for new and established guests that pre-booked their appointment during their previous visit.
  • You may alter your future appointment and maintain your benefits.
  • Canceling your appointment will void your benefits.

Retail Benefits
3 Products up to 30% off
2 Products up to 20% off
1 Product up to 10% off

  • Retail benefits for all guests that pre-booked their future appointment before leaving the salon.
  • Retail benefits are on select items and are subject to change.

Benefit Cards Your email address is essential to receive the below benefits
Referral Card – $30 Value

  • This benefit is emailed to you becaues a guest has regustered that you have referred them.

Birthday Card – $20 value

  • This benefit is emailed to you for your birthday.

Favor Card

  • You will be given a favor card at the end of every visit.
  • This favor card is yours to give to a family member, a friend, or a co-worker.
  • One of our salon professionals will explain how this card can be redeemed for credit.

Gift Cards

  • Great for any occasion!